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Danny Elfman - Justice League (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Side A

Everybody knows

The justice league theme - logos

Hero's theme

Batman on the roof

Enter cyborg

Wonder woman rescue

Hippolyta's arrow

Side B

The story of steppenwolf

The amazon mother box

10 Cyborg meets diana

11 Aquaman in atlantis

12 Then there were three

13 The tunnel fight

Side C

14 The world needs superman

15 Spark of the flash

16 Friends and foes

17 Justice league united

18 Home

19 Bruce and diana

20 The final battle

Side D

21 A new hope

22 Anti-hero's theme

23 Gary Clark Jr. And Junkie XL - Come together

24 The White Stripes - Icky thump

Bonus Tracks - Digital Download Card

1 The Tunnel Fight (Full Length Bonus Track) 

2 The Final Battle (Full Length Bonus Track) 

3 Mother Russia (Bonus Track)